Commercial Real Estate Transactions Go Better With Rise Title.

Our goal is to protect everyone involved in the transaction from the many risks inherent to buying or selling commercial real estate.

Title is the word used to describe the right to ownership of a piece of real estate.  A deed is what is used to convey title between a seller and a buyer of that real estate. The problem is that not all deeds convey full ownership of a property, and real estate can be subject to unknown liens or other encumbrances that limit the rights of ownership.

At Rise Title, we carefully examine all recorded property transfers for the property being bought or sold. This title search traces ownership, leans, easements and other encumbrances to make sure the buyer will have clear title to the property once the sale is complete.

The services Rise Title provides are very important for due diligence and secure closing of a commercial real estate deal. We help make sure your commercial real estate transaction is legitimate, and that the entire process is smoother and safer for everyone involved.

We know how complex and risky commercial real estate transactions can be. Our purpose is to build a relationship with our clients. By offering no hidden fees and focusing on strong communication, we're all about earning a spot on your team.

Our commercial clients come back to us, deal after deal, because we have learned the approach that works best for them. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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